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HP TouchPad tablet for $101.95 at Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is selling the HP TouchPad 16GB with Wi-Fi for $101.95.

Most everyone is having a fire sale on these since HP announced Thursday it was no longer going to manufacture tablets and smartphones.

Meanwhile, it's rumored that Best Buy will be selling 16GB HP TouchPads for $99 in stores beginning Monday (it's sold out online). No confirmation on that yet, but since Best Buy has posted an updated return policy on its web site, that seems to be an indication it's coming. Best Buy says it will not accept returns or exchanges on clearance TouchPads and it will offer either a refund or refund of the difference between the price they paid and the clearance price.

Click here for the BN.com deal. Don't wait!

source: http://blogs.trb.com/features/consumer/shopping/blog/2011/08/hp_touchpad_for_10195_at_barne.html

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