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Indigo Children

Indigo is the term given to children who behave more mature than her age and has the intuitive ability is very high. Usually they do not want to be treated as children. Literally, indigo is the name of the color between blue and purple, which often also called indigo.

Wendy Chapman, in writing Rossini, explaining that indigo children are children who are generally not easily governed by the rule, not easy to compromise, some of them have emotional and vulnerable body, very talented or capable of academic excellence, and have the metaphysical ability. ADD children are often considered, although easy to be empathy and compassion towards others, or looking very cold and heartless, and have a policy beyond her years. Are these things as your own or your children?

When did the term "indigo children" found?

The term indigo children discovered by Nancy Ann Torp, a counselor, in the year 1970. He examines the human aura colors and link it with personality. Those who have this aura of indigo or indigo children who were awarded the excess, especially the ability of sixth sense.

According to Ustaz Marzuki Abid KH Lc., quoted by the People's Mind, in a discussion at The 6th Ramadan Informal Study on Education Psychology, held at the Islamic Center, Bekasi, stating that "indigo children have a higher awareness than most of who they and their life purpose so require special treatment. But unfortunately, many people do not know how to manage and treat excess indigo children. Consequently sixth sense abilities indigo children are often abused by children herded into the paranormal. Yet the advantages given by God to indigo children, are karomah and maunah, "says this alumnus of the University of Malaysia.

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Are Your Children Classified as Indigo Children?

Before we discuss about indigo children, it is good that we know first about the color indigo is on indigo children. The color indigo is the dominant color of the aura colors (blue-red). Indigo color show the third eye chakra, the energy center of psychic activity, which is open on Indigo children. Indigo Children understand the differences are very thin between the world of invisible and spiritual world, and they have the ability to access information from here, that other people can not afford. Most of the Indigo child behavior can be understood from this aspect.

The definition of indigo child is a child who shows a set of psychological attributes of new and extraordinary, and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has a unique factors are common, which suggests that people who interact with them (the parents, in particular) change their treatment and care of in order to achieve balance. Ignoring these new patterns will most likely mean creating an imbalance and frustration in the minds of this precious new life.

Many children today are categorized as Indigo Children, also called "Children of the Sun" by experts from the United States. Or also known as "Millennium Children". Experts say more than 90% (in other books that more than 80%) of children under 12 years old, and some say even in a large percentage that does not have an adult Indigo. These children are identified through a unique characteristic. They are intelligent and creative, but it is difficult to manage the power and the system in general. They often disalahdiagnosa as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder Attention Deficiency Disorder = or) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperaktive = Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder) who need therapy to overcome nature.

Physically and emotionally they are very sensitive. They are also very caring and empathy for others, too few to be seen not heartless. Indigo Children can be irritable and rude, they need the confidence that he accepted and require counseling. Indigo also have a sense of depression at a young age if they feel do not why they were born or feel mempu not do anything to improve the world.

For Wikimuers who want to know if their children or themselves, including an Indigo, can match the characteristics of Indigo and Indigo children adult following. In addition, usually a child's special Indigo children classified (usually have IQ Intelligence Quotient-over 120 and has a tendency to have supernatural abilities) but often have problems with learning in the school system in general.

Characteristics of Indigo Children:

1. Having a high self-awareness, connect with the source (God).
2. Understand that if he was worthy to be in the world.
3. Having a clear understanding of himself.
4. Not comfortable with the discipline and authoritarian manner for no apparent reason.
5. Refusing to follow rules or instructions.
6. Impatient and do not like having to wait.
7. Frustration with the system that are the ritual and not creative.
8. They have a better way Dlm solve the problem.
9. Most of the people who cause discomfort.
10. Can not accept punishment without reason, always wanted a clear reason.
11. Easily bored with the task given.
12. Creative.
13. Easily distracted, can do many things simultaneously.
14. Showing a strong intuition.
15. Have a strong empathy for others, or have no empathy at all.
16. Very talented and very smart on average.
17. Frequently identified as a child suffering from ADD / ADHD (Atenttion Deficit Disorder = hard to concentrate) / ADHD (Attention Deficit and hyperactive = Hyperactive Disorder).
18. Having a vision and strong ideals.
19. Their eyes visible, wise, deep and old.
20. Having a spiritual consciousness or have psychic abilities.
21. Expressing anger and have a problem with holding anger.
22. Need support to find themselves.
23. Being in the world to change the world, to help us live in harmony and peace between the other one with the other and raise the vibration of the planet.

Indigo Adult Characteristics

1. They are clever though not always at the top level.
2. Creative and really enjoy creating something.
3. Always wanted to know why, especially if they are told to do something.
4. Sick of going to work a lot and repeatedly in school.
5. Rebels in the school, refused to handle the task, etc.. or want to rebel but do not dare because there is pressure from parents.
6. Got a problem with the existence, such as not being accepted, or alienated. Usually produces a feeling suicidal, but did not really do it.
7. Got masalaha with anger.
8. Not comfortable with politics because they feel their voices are not counted, and not concerned with results that come out.
9. Frustration with traditional American culture.
10. Did not receive when their rights are taken or being trampled.
11. Got a burning desire to change the world, but have difficulty finding their path.
12. Having an interest in things spiritual and psychic abilities at a young age.
13. Got some "role model" Indigo.
14. Have strong intuition.
15. Got the nature or the way thought the unusual, difficult to focus on the task, or jumping up and down in the middle of the conversation.
16. Ever have the experience of spiritual, psychic, etc..
17. Sensitive to pertinent electricity.
18. Having awareness of other dimensions.
19. Sexually are very expressive, or even reject sexuality aga could reach a higher spiritual consciousness.
20. Finding the meaning of their lives and understand about the world, they can find it through religion, books etc..
21. When they feel themselves equal, they will become strong, healthy and happy individuals.

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