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Rise of Reggae Music Indonesia

Reggae Music Indonesia has risen. This marked the emergence of reggae musicians who enliven the Indonesian music industry from time to time powered by Pop music. Number of media with the theme of the development of reggae music in Indonesia these days is an indication of "the Uprising of Indonesia reggae music" has begun. We know Tony Q Rastafara, Steven and Coconut Trees, Souljah, Ras Mohammed, Force Five Finger, Uprising, Gangstarasta, Joni Agung and Double T as "reggae musicians" who helped to enliven the homeland of reggae music universe. Good news for us all because we no longer need desperately to be listened to a reggae music. Now it's a lot of radio station that plays music occasionally reggaa, even many times.

In 2003 we uproar with Punk music, Melodic (or Mellowdic?) Is marked with shift her Superman Is Dead to Sony BMG recods Soekamti Endank, then next year we uproar with music "New Wave" ala The Upstair and easily find high school kids and junior dress up like Jimmy The Upstairs, and distortion guitar with sound 70's marked the booming music and Garage Rock N Roll. Unfortunately we were treated to more appearances "flashback" with no little ease his appreciation of their music and creativity are also not saying they retreated to the back but I feel more proud if you arise The Donnas - The Donnas Indonesia.

Back to the title of the discussion, I hope this will be a "signal" for the major labels to better appreciate reggae music. For more comercialize without making the artist a "cash cow", the slave of the capitalists. We all (especially reggae lovers) would want to see the reggae musicians in the country could be on air on private television station, appearing in a commercial acara2, live music events, a guest at MTV events, dapatt place on MTV programs without regard Pop music that had dominated much of the TV shows as the music is boring.

Let us celebrate the resurrection of the homeland of reggae music to sing together

Mentari Pagi beri salam lagi
Suara burung kusambut hari berganti
Bob Marley masih bernyanyi
Don’t worry… uuu..yeeeeaaaccchhhh

Jalani semua dengan apa adanya
Biarlah waktu bicara bawa takdirnya
Yuk.. kita lapangkan dada
Don’t worry… uuu..yeeeeaaaccchhhh

Buatlah hidup ini semudah mungkin
Gak perlu disesali bikin saja happy
Mengalir nikmati jangan beban dihati
yuk kita nyanyi bersama….

Don’t worry… uuuuyeeeeeaaaccchhhhh
Don’t worry… uuuuyeeeeeaaaccchhhhh

Tony Q – Don’t Worry

Written by : Rinda Marestiani - Blogger

Assalamualaikum im Rinda. of Rinda Marestiani. Asli Blitar Jawa timur,,, '94 Generation. Memiliki Ibu yang luar biasa bernama Sudarwati dan Bapak super hebat bernama Suroso. Nah pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2014, tepatnya jika menurut kalender islam pas bulan syawal, di peristri sama lelaki hebat keturunan Madiun Sumbawa yang bernama Candra Aditya. Kesibukan saat ini full time be a lovely wife, learn blog, and 24 jam nemeni suami kerja. Thanks

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