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10 Geological Wonders of The World

The Wave (located between Arizona and Utah, USA)

Views are stunning red sandstone rocks on the border of Arizona and Utah. The Wave comes from the sand dunes about 190 million years old that have been turned into stone. Formation, which is rarely known this can only be reached by walking through traveling distance of 3 miles and without a hitch.

Giant Crystal Cave (Mexico)

Found deep inside a mine in southern Chihuahua Mexico, these crystals are formed in a cave covered with coral stone. A geodesic is full of amazing crystal-tall fir tree, and in some places around the crystal-clear that there are colored gold and silver with various shapes and forms are exceptional.
Giant crystal cave was found among the bodies of limestone, the same region the discovery of silver and tin ore that was exploited by the mine and the possible dissolution of the liquid produced from the same heat that keeps the metal with a cast that had crystallized during the shrinkage stage in the process of mineralization.

Antelope Valley (Arizona, USA)

Is a gap in the American Southwest the most often visited and perpetuated the image. Antelope Valley is located in mainland Navojo near Page, Arizona. It includes two separate parts of a beautiful valley, each referred to as Antelope Ravine top - or "The Crack" - and Antelope Ravine bottom - or "The Corkscrew".
Name Navojo for Antelope Ravine is bighanilini Tse, which means "place where water flowed through the stone." Antelope Ravine Hasdestwazi the bottom is, or "Spiral Stone Monument." Both are located in between LeChee Navojo Chapter in the State.

Eye Sahara (Mauritania)

Mainland spectacular area in Mauritania, south-western part of the Sahara desert is very big with a diameter of 30 miles that can be seen from space. Called Richat structure - or eye-Saharan - at first this formation is estimated to be caused by a meteorite collision, but geologists now believe it is the result of elevation and soil erosion. The cause of the circular shape remains a mystery.

Blue Lake Cave (Brazil)

Mato Grosso do Sul region in Brazil (and especially the quiet town of Bonito) boasts with many marvelous underground lakes: Gruta do Lago Azul, Gruta do Mimoso, Aquario Natural. The world famous "Gruta do Lago Azul" (Blue Lake Cave) is a natural cave which it formed part of stalactites, stalagmite, and there is a large blue lake and amazing.

The beauty of this lake is really something impressive. Blue Lake Cave has a great diversity of geological forms but the most memorable was the main dark blue water in the lake.

Giant Cross Roads (Ireland)

An area consisting of 40.000 volcanic rock which coincide with each other, Giant Path Road is the result of ancient volcanic explosion of lava. Located in north-east shore of Northern Ireland, most of the hexagon-shaped pillars, although there are some that have 4, 5, 7, and 8 sides.

The highest measuring 12 meters, and the lava that had hardened on the cliff of the hill as thick as 28 meters. In a 2005 poll by Radio Times readers, is trajectory Road dubbed as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom.

Great Blue Hole (Belize)

Part of the stone towers of fire, a large Blue Hole is located approximately 60 miles from the mainland out of Belize, South America. Circle big hole has an almost perfect across approximately one-quarter of 1 mile (0.4 km), he is one of the most amazing waterfalls that are found on Earth. In this hole, there is water within 480 feet (145 m) and depth of the water gives a dark blue-colored structure that causes the world called it the "Blue Hole".

Stone Waves (Australia)

Stone Waves is a natural rock formation located in Western Australia. The name was derived from the fact that it is shaped like a sea of ​​high waves. All parts of the surface covering several hectares, the "wave" of rock about 15 feet high and approximately 110 meters in length.

One aspect of the Stone Waves are rarely seen in the photo is about half the retaining wall to the top of the stone. Order to follow the boundary line and allow the rain water collected in a dam.

It was built in 1951 by the Department of Public Works, and the walls of this kind often found in many of the same rock in the area of ​​wheat.

Bukit Brown (Philippines)

There are several hypotheses regarding the formation of the hill. Covers damage to limestone that is simple, sub-sea volcanic, encouragement from the seabed and the theory recently that maintaining the principle that as an active volcano-self-destruct, it spewed huge blocks of stone which then vomit is coated with limestone and later pushed forward from the seabed.

Hell Gate (Uzbekistan)

Referred to by locals as the door to hell, this place is located near a small town Darvas in Uzbekistan. When geologists gas drilling 35 years ago, suddenly they find an underground cave is very large.

All of the drilling location with all the camping gear and plunged into the underground.
No one dared to come down because the cavern was filled with flammable gases, so they burn it so that no poisonous gas could come out through the hole, and since then he has been on fire. No one knows how many tons of incredible gas has been burned in those years but he is only seen without limit. (The Epoch Times Australia / win)

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