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Indonesia Green Investment

Why should Indonesia green investment? Because green investment opportunities in Indonesia is still very large, it is very true if we invest our funds into Indonesia Green Investment.

A Great Company in Indonesia that have the name of PT. Global Media Nusantara with the legality of a very complete, has a Green investment programs that are directly supported by the Indonesian government. The company has a program called "I-GIST" with extension: International Green Investment System.

Rescue program as well as investment environment is a very interesting program of PT. Global Media Nusantara.

International Green Investment System (I-GIST) is an investment program, where our investment in the form of planting trees, trees are used as investment products in PT. Global Media Nusantara is Jabon tree, this tree has the Latin name "Antocephalus cadamba".

Why choose wood jabon?
Jabon trees are greening timber plants in the world's fastest-growing, with growth of an average diameter of 10 cm per year and can reach heights up to 25 m, can be harvested at the age of 5 (five) years with a volume of 0.9 m3 + wood / tree and + if sold could reach Rp. 1.000.000, - / tree.

Hardwood Plants Jabon is a fast growing, including the family Rubiaceae plants are growing well at an altitude of 0000-1000 meters above sea level, on the type of clay, podzolic brown and moist alluvial which are commonly found along the river that beraerasi good. Jabon is the type of tree light (light-demander) are fast growing. At the age of 3 years may reach 9 m high with a diameter of 11 cm. At the age of 5-6 years can the trunk circumference of 40 to 50 cm, diameter growth of between 5-10 cm / year. In the wild, the tree had been found Jabon reach a height of 45 m with a diameter of more than 100 cm. Canopy shape like an umbrella with a branching system melingkar.Daunnya lebat.Batang not straight cylindrical and not buttress with a very good level of alignment. The trunk free from branches up to 60%, the branch will fall out (self purning), creamy white color of the wood (yellow light) to reddish brown reddish. The wood is easily drained, easily nailed and glued, susutnya rendah.Sangat may be utilized by the Industrial Furniture, Plywood / wood Plywood, matchstick, shoe pads, boards, crates, paper materials are class.

Excellence Tree Jabon?
Greening of plants which have the advantage of wood can be grown in various locations and has a strong resistance to pests and diseases.
Plants green wood that is the primary large-scale timber industry such as plywood materials, paper materials, lightweight furniture, pencils, lighters, and others.
Greening a safe timber plants invested because it is not preferred by thieves because it is not good wood used for construction materials can only be used for the trading of industrial raw materials can be controlled.
Maintenance of plants can be integrated with intercropping program while empowering farming communities.

The leaves are not like cattle, so no need to worry about theft leaves.
Jabon leaves will fall off itself, it will create a flat wooden jabon straight to the top there are no lumps.
The plants are not seized with rust tumor.
Wood jabon also more beneficial than the wood sengon, more absorbed by many industries such as plywood, furniture industry, plywood, pulp, board, fruit crate manufacturer, Alas shoes, toys and lighters.
Maintenance easier.
Can grow on various types of soil such as clay, clay or rocky soil
Faster growth.
Ready to harvest in 4 years or 5 years.

The program is facilitated by PT GMN (Global Media Nusantara) a company that has a clear and Legality in accountable.
1. Investors have an official certificate legalized, with plan details

2. Location of the cluster tree and can be jabon his perjual traded

3. Supported Quality Control consultant with experience in the field of forestry investments, so that investment growth target can be achieved.

4. Plant investment is guaranteed and provided compensation reimbursement in case of natural disasters and fire and security teams are supported in the field who can control so that the risk can be minimized

5. Eye-Grow System

what it costs to invest here? A very good question.
Investment here is only $ 7 679,3607. Calculated as follows: Obtain 455 trees, assuming the price of  $ 109,7052 / tree in 5 years then you are investing to $ 49 915,866

if you are interested in green investment program, please contact me via email to: chandrafcmalang@yahoo.com

Written by : Rinda Marestiani - Blogger

Assalamualaikum im Rinda. of Rinda Marestiani. Asli Blitar Jawa timur,,, '94 Generation. Memiliki Ibu yang luar biasa bernama Sudarwati dan Bapak super hebat bernama Suroso. Nah pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2014, tepatnya jika menurut kalender islam pas bulan syawal, di peristri sama lelaki hebat keturunan Madiun Sumbawa yang bernama Candra Aditya. Kesibukan saat ini full time be a lovely wife, learn blog, and 24 jam nemeni suami kerja. Thanks

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