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Tips on How to Reducing Radiation from Mobile Phone

There has been no final studies stating that mobile phone radiation generated by a detrimental effect on health. However, it is better if we begin to prevent possible adverse effects of radiation exposure from an early age. Here are some things you can do to begin to avoid the effects of radiation which could be detrimental to our health on the other days. The following tips:

1. Use speakers or headset
Headset phones do not emit as much radiation. The researchers still do not agree to tell which is more secure, whether using a wired headset or not. Because it is said, a headset with a cord is still out of radiation, even in small degree. So, if in a state of quiet, and not disturb other people, it helps if you occasionally answer the phone using the speaker mode.

2. Expand listening, less talking
Mobile phones emit radiation when you are talking or typing an SMS, but do not emit radiation while it is receiving messages. So, try to listen more when talking with the phone, rather than speaking.

3. SMS
The phone does not use much energy when we send the text rather than when the phone is asked to send our voice. That is, power is reduced, the radiation released was also reduced. Moreover, when we are typing an SMS, which means we the phone away from our heads.

4. As far as arm
When you use the headset to answer the phone, try to keep the phone from the ear, chest, or waist. These parts, including the stomach is the body parts are easy to absorb radiation. Try to keep the phone that is receiving a call through the headset from your stomach.

5. The signal is lost? Turn off the course.
When the phone can not receive enough signal, he must issue a firmer effort to find the transmitter tower. This means more emissions of it out. When you have to use the phone, try the signal is in full. Moreover, the phone is too long trying to find the signal will only be spent batteries.

6. No need to shield
When you use protective gloves in addition to phone, meaning you close the phone lines to be able to work optimally. That is, he will try harder to find the signal, so that more radiation that she remove it.

7. Reduce the use of mobile phones on children
Children's brains absorb radiation twice as many mobile phones than adults. It is recommended to keep the children from the phone to protect it from the unknown dangers in the future.

source: http://ingatini.blogspot.com/2011/03/tips-mengurangi-radiasi-ponsel.html

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