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Wonders of The Brain

Wonders of the Brain, The human brain is the most powerful tools and robust of all the biological attributes of organisms that exist on this planet. Our ability to violate the laws of physics, time and space through the internal and imaginary existence has changed the civilization of mankind be without limit, except for that we set ourselves.

Brain waves not only control the thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, but also regulate and monitor our systems and tell us when something is wrong. This is probably one of the reasons that traumatic brain injury is one of the most frightening thing is difficult because the victim's life was saved.

We know that the body needs exercise. When exercise stops, brain function will be reduced. Exercise increases oxygen flow throughout the body, including the brain, which leads directly to the mental preparedness.

The molecular structure of the brain affected in a positive way. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, even just two times per week to increase the productivity of the brain is much more effective than weight lifting alone.

The brain requires glucose addition.

Exercise is a means to grow for the brain. Brains need exercise.

Since we are in the great outdoors and encountered many dangers, one of the wonders of nature are the brain to adapt and evolve over time. Humans are not the strongest among the creatures, but we have the most powerful brain. While climate change from time to time, only those who have the strongest brain can adapt and survive this is one of the brain's ability to survive.

Research shows that another miracle of the human brain is in terms of problem solving becomes easier when two or more senses are included. If we only hear the information, we will remember it only for a short time. But if we look at the information, we will remember it for longer period of time. And if effectively integrate visual and auditory senses, the brain remembers information six times more effective.

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